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10 Inspiring Navy & White Kitchen Designs (Modern & Traditional Styles)

10 Inspiring Navy & White Kitchen Designs (Modern & Traditional Styles)

Whether your style is modern or traditional, navy and white kitchens are always in style. We’ve gathered ten of our favourite designs to inspire you. From sleek and contemporary to farmhouse-inspired, there’s a look for everyone here. So take a look, get inspired, and start planning your dream kitchen.

1. Go for a white splashback with navy cabinets

One way to make your kitchen stand out is with a white splashback combined with navy cabinets. This classic duo gives off a timeless, regal aura that elevates any kitchen. Combining a sleek, neutral white for the splashback and a bold navy for the cabinets highlights your sense of style. Whether you keep it traditional with textured shaker doors or give it an edge with dark-painted finishes, you’ll create a fashionable canvas that complements any type of kitchen decor.

2. Try brass kitchen accents

If you’re looking to add a bit of charm and sophistication to your kitchen, brass kitchen accents are an excellent way to go. Each piece of brass can bring its unique flavour, whether it’s in the form of basic hardware like drawer pulls, brass taps, or even shelf brackets. If you want to take the extra step, adding chic handles or knobs could bring out the best in your kitchen table or island space.

Whatever style and function you’re looking for in your kitchen can be found through a few simple brass accents. Not only do these pieces bring beauty but they also offer great durability that stands up well against regular use. So if you’re ready to spice up your cooking space, this is one option to explore.

3. Use geometric accents in your navy and white kitchen

If you’re looking for a way to add some visual interest and personality to your navy and white kitchen, try incorporating geometric accents. With their sharp lines, shapes, and angles, geometric elements can be incredibly eye-catching. Whether you prefer subtle circles woven into the backsplash or bold tessellated patterns on the island, these bold design statements are sure to tastefully set your kitchen apart.

And don’t forget the lighting – nothing adds a room’s finishing touch like a hanging pendant light with a modern, angular shape over the dining table. Even the smallest details such as handles and cabinet knobs in angular silhouettes can bring new life to your kitchen.

4. Make the top half white and the bottom half navy

If you are looking to add a trendy and modern flair to your kitchen, why not consider making the top half of the walls white and navy on the bottom? This is particularly effective if you have plain white cabinets with navy accents, as it will help bring out those elements of the kitchen, creating an interesting balance in your space.

By using two distinct colours, you can create a unique look and feel in your kitchen, making it stand out. Plus, combining such two strong colours will also serve to make your kitchen look larger than it is.

5. Opt for subtle hints of blue

Blue is an incredibly versatile colour in the kitchen – it’s not just for baby nurseries! Navy and white kitchens can be chic. Opting for subtle hints of blue, from a crisp navy runner rug to a set of porcelain plates with artfully arranged navy designs, take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. With navy kitchens, you don’t have to commit to having an entirely monochrome space either.

6. Stand out with a navy metro tile splashback

Bring your kitchen to life with a navy metro tile splashback! Opt for the classic and timeless look of a contrasting navy-and-white colour palette for an eye-catching splashback that is sure to be the centrepiece of your kitchen space. Not only does this bold look make a clear statement, but it also adds texture and interest to any room – perfect for making your kitchen a conversation starter at dinner parties.

The deeper navy hue brings drama while the white metro tiles keep things light and airy so you can transform your outdated decor into something modern and daring. Incorporate some metallic accents and modern hardware to finish off the look, and you’ll have a kitchen that stands out in style.

7. Use navy as your kitchen accent colour

Many people associate navy blue with a nautical motif, but it is also wonderfully versatile for use in the kitchen. Navy is an ideal accent colour for a modern and clean look; when accompanied by white it will help bring warmth to your kitchen and make the space seem more inviting. Consider adding navy cabinets and drawers with white countertops, or choosing navy tiles, curtains or appliances to provide contrast in what otherwise might be an overwhelmingly bright room.

If you’re looking to inject some personality into your navy and white kitchen, you can add copper or stainless steel accents – they’ll look stunning! With the right accessories and furniture, a navy and white kitchen can become your favourite room in the house.

8. Choose wood flooring and furniture

A navy and white kitchen can easily be transformed with the addition of wood flooring and furniture. The warm contrast between the natural wood grain, and the coolness of the navy and white colour scheme, create a balance that looks great. Not only does this contrast make for an eye-catching look, but also works to minimise any one object from overwhelming the room.

Additionally, wood flooring adds sophistication to any space and is quite durable when stained or sealed properly. Also choosing wooden furniture allows for versatility within the kitchen as it can be repainted, refinished or replaced in the future. In conclusion, adding wood flooring and furniture is a great choice for any navy and white kitchen setting.

9. Navy cabinets with frosted glass

Blue is the colour of tranquillity and creativity, making a navy cabinet with frosted glass an ideal choice for a kitchen. A navy and white combination creates a bold palette throughout the space while still allowing the diverse functionality of a kitchen. For example, floating shelves adorned with plants help to bring life into the room while also providing space to store essential items.

On top of that, a beautiful navy cabinet with frosted glass will complement your backsplash tile perfectly. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but its versatility in design makes it highly functional for storing cookware out of sight. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the stylish addition of a navy and white kitchen this season!

10. Go for a minimal design

Decorating a minimalist navy and white kitchen is a great way to bring a classic and timeless style into your home. Minimalism offers both visual serenity and enhanced functionality while creating a truly inviting atmosphere. For example, combining white stone worktops with striking navy cabinetry can create a contrast that draws the eye in, while allowing for ample storage space for all of your culinary needs.

Pops of colour such as copper accents can make your minimalistic kitchen feel warm and inviting. The simple colour palette makes it easy to incorporate other design elements from the wall art to the backsplash – all without overwhelming the room or taking away from the stylish understated luxury of this look.


Navy and white kitchens are classic combinations that will never go out of style. These ten kitchen designs show how versatile the two colours can be, from contemporary to traditional styles. If you’re considering a renovation or just want some inspiration for your kitchen design, these navy and white kitchens should give you plenty of ideas.

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