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How a Hanstrom tap works

Boiling water at your fingertips

A low-energy, insulated and pressurised hot water tank sits under your sink, connected to a compact boiler that draws water from your existing drinking water supply and keeps it at a consistent temperature. The touchscreen on your system gives you total control of the temperature, allowing you to set it between 75°C and 98°C.

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Fresh, filtered water on demand

The hot water tank stores 2.4 litres of water at near-boiling temperatures all day for as little as the cost of boiling a single kettle. This water has passed through a carbon water filter, removing impurities and supplying crystal-clear drinking water for your family every time.

The boiler tank is designed to fit neatly into a kitchen cupboard and can dispense up to 6 or 7 cups of near-boiling water at a time.

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Contemporary taps to suit any kitchen

Our 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 boiling water taps come in multiple finishes and styles to match your kitchen’s aesthetic. Our state-of-the-art taps come with or without a flexible hose, and in 5 stunning colours:

Matte Black / Gun Metal Grey / Polished Chrome / Brushed Gold / Brushed Antique Copper

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Boiling and filtered water at your fingertips.

  • Hot and cold water
  • Clean and fresh filtered water
  • 98°C boiling water
  • Touch-screen adjustable temperature from 75-98°C
  • 360° swivel spout
  • Hot & cold lever mixed handle for standard water
  • Child-safe spring lock for boiling water dispenser
  • No separate water supply required
  • Saves time. energy and money
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