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Boiling Water Taps vs Kettles: Which Appliance is Better?

Boiling Water Taps vs Kettles: Which Appliance is Better?

Are you trying to decide whether a boiling water tap or kettle is best for your day-to-day life? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both appliances and explore their differences and similarities – helping you make an informed decision about which one might be the perfect fit for your household’s needs. Whether you’re looking for convenience, safety benefits or just want something that complements the decor of your kitchen – we’re covering it all.

What is a boiling water tap?

A boiling water tap is a kitchen appliance that provides instant boiling water at the touch of a button. It is an energy-efficient and safe alternative to boiling water on the stove, as it boils and dispenses hot water from a boiler tank installed into your under-sink cabinet. The primary benefit of having a boiling water tap installed in your kitchen is that it saves you time spent waiting for your kettle or pan to boil. By using boiling taps, you can also save money on bills in the long run, as it reduces energy waste incurred with reboiling kettles throughout the day.

rose gold hot water tap in white sink

Boiling water is routinely required for coffee, tea, and other beverages, as well as in recipe preparation. Prior to the existence of this device, coffee and tea would have to be boiled over a stove or put on the coffee machine. But now, with a boiling water tap, hot beverages are easily available at any time. Imagine having the perfect cup of coffee quickly accessible in just moments – no more waiting for the kettle to boil! Hot meals can be prepared quicker too as you can bring pans to a boil in seconds rather than minutes, which is perfect for a range of different foods – from pasta to vegetables.

How do they differ from kettles?

Hot water taps offer a great deal of convenience compared to kettles. Rather than having to fill the kettle up manually and wait for the water to heat, hot water taps provide near-instant access to boiling hot water. This gives you more control over the water temperature and saves both time and energy in the process. On top of this, it’s far easier to simply turn the handle on a hot water tap than it is to have to carry a kettle from one side of the kitchen to another. It’s no wonder that many households are switching from traditional kettles to cutting-edge hot water taps; having instant access to boiling hot water can completely transform your kitchen experience.

Benefits of boiling water taps

Boiling water taps are an increasingly popular convenience for modern households, offering a safe and efficient way to enjoy everything from coffee and tea to hot soups and other snacks. Their convenience and efficiency draw people to them. What’s more, in comparison to a traditional kettle, boiling water taps are safer because they provide boiling water in a single steady stream, plus they are insulated and child-safe.

photo of a tea cup under a hot water tap

One of the greatest benefits of having a boiling tap is that it eliminates the need to wait for the water to boil – simply twist the tap handle and brew your hot drinks in a matter of seconds. This means you can save time in preparing beverages on busy mornings or whip up a steaming cup after dinner with no effort at all. Boiling water taps also help reduce energy consumption in most homes as they are more efficient than electric kettles, leaving your wallet and environment better off too. Lastly, filtering technology is incorporated into 4-in-1 models so that you only drink clean, pure water – perfect for discerning palettes!

Drawbacks of boiling water taps

The primary drawback of a boiling water tap is that they are considerably more expensive than a kettle or traditional tap, although the added convenience makes this upfront cost more than worthwhile for many homeowners. Finally, although the taps are built to be incredibly safe, boiling water still presents a real hazard and should be handled with care.

How much do boiling water taps cost?

Recently, boiling water taps have become increasingly popular. Not only are they convenient, but they can also help to save energy and reduce your environmental footprint. But with so many types of boiling water taps on the market, it’s important to understand how much you can expect to pay for one. Generally speaking, boiling water taps cost anywhere from £300-£1000 or more depending on the brand, size and style you choose.

At Hanstrom, we’ve worked hard to bring our customers high-quality taps at affordable prices. Our most affordable tap is the Ume, which starts at just £349. Ultimately, the cost of a new boiling water tap is going to depend on what features it offers, such as water filters, pull-out spouts and built-in tech.

Drawbacks of kettles

Kettles are still a popular option for many households, but they have their drawbacks too. Boiling water in a kettle can be time-consuming; you will need to fill the kettle up and wait for it to boil before you can get your drink ready. Kettles also take up more space than boiling water taps due to their large tank and handle, making them less suitable for people who have limited kitchen space. Finally, kettles are less energy-efficient than boiling taps. Boiling taps use less electricity per day than a standard electric kettle boiled 3-4 times, which could lead to savings on your energy bills over time.

white kettle on wood countertop

Boiling water taps vs kettles

Boiling water taps offer a new way to boil water for your hot drinks and other needs. Although kettles used to dominate in this area, the recent introduction of boiling water taps brings a host of benefits with it. As an instant source of boiling hot water, these taps provide convenience and speed as you won’t have to wait around for the kettle to boil – simply put your cup, pan or sieve underneath and you’re ready to go. Also, because they often feature temperature control, you can select how hot the water is by simply adjusting the boiler.

Not only that, but they look great and take up minimal worktop space, too – which adds an extra bit of style to any kitchen. Boiling water taps are therefore the go-to choice for contemporary kitchens that need practicality as well as aesthetics.

Which one is safer?

In terms of safety, boiling water taps are a much safer option than kettles. Boiling water taps feature advanced filters and many have built-in safety features such as automatic shut-offs and child-safe handles to prevent accidental scalding. This makes them perfect for homes with children or elderly people who may not be able to judge the temperature of the water correctly.

Kettles, on the other hand, present a much greater risk of scalding as they are often left to boil without any supervision. Boiling water taps are therefore the more sensible option if you’re looking for a safe source of boiling water.


Boiling water taps are an increasingly popular choice for many homes. They provide instant boiling water, require no waiting time, and feature advanced safety features to protect against scalding or burns. Boiling water taps also save energy and reduce household energy bills as they use less electricity than a standard kettle. Although the upfront cost of these taps can be higher, they offer great value and convenience in the long run. Ultimately, boiling water taps are a great choice for stylish and modern kitchens that need speed and efficiency.

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