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Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: 13 Design Tips From Our Experts

Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: 13 Design Tips From Our Experts

The kitchen backsplash has always been a source of design inspiration at home. Occupying a crucial position in the direct eye line of you and your guests, this important aspect of your kitchen’s design is best not overlooked. With the right choice of colours and patterns, your backsplash has the potential to inject endless personality and your unique style into your kitchen. So, if you’re looking for a way to update your kitchen without spending piles of cash on a complete redesign, fitting a new backsplash may be the perfect answer.

In the evolving world of interior design, new trends are constantly emerging – and the humble backsplash is definitely seeing a makeover in 2022. From classic metro tiles to modern marble mosaics, we’re seeing some classics make a comeback while new ideas bubble below the surface. Let’s take a look at our backsplash prediction for 2022 and beyond:

Go Wild With Wood

Organic materials have been trending for a number of years now, and we can’t see this changing any time soon. If you thought wood was just for your walls and floors, think again. With wood-effect tiles, you can create a beautiful splashback that is also incredibly easy to clean. One idea that really impressed us this year was the use of herringbone wood-effect tiles to create a classic chevron effect. Wood is perfectly paired with metallic elements such as our copper hot water taps or cabinet handles for a warming contrast.

Impress With Marble

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A classic for a reason, marble backsplashes are unlikely to fall out of fashion. There are two reasons people love marble in a kitchen:

The first is that marble is extremely practical. Marble is easy to keep clean as it is non-porous, meaning that spills will simply sit on the surface without being absorbed. All you need to do is wipe spills up with a damp cloth. It’s also heat-resistant, preventing burns and damage when using a hot pan, hot water tap or a kettle.

The second reason people love marble is for its luxurious look – a marble backsplash can make any kitchen feel instantly more high-end. If your kitchen is in dire need of an update but you don’t have the budget for a complete renovation, fitting a marble backsplash could be the perfect solution.

We love the idea of teaming a white marble backsplash with dark green cabinets for a stunning contrast that will really make your kitchen pop.

Play with Shape Using Elongated Hexagons

Metro tiles emerged as a trend a number of years ago, and while we still love their simplicity, new variations offer a fresh take on contemporary homes. The elongated hexagon tile is a popular alternative to metro tiles, with a stretched-out shape that works just as well on a kitchen backsplash as it does on a bathroom wall. Our favourite tip to spice up your kitchen tiles is to use the same colour on your backsplash as your walls or floor, using standard hexagonal tiles on one and elongated hexagonal tiles on the other.

Make a Statement with Rustic Copper

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There’s a lot of depth in copper. Its warm, earthy tone has often been used for appliances and accents, but making a statement is incredibly easy with a copper backsplash. With a reflective quality that adds a different dynamic to your cooking area, copper ages incredibly well and creates a charming centrepiece to the heart of your home.

Keep Things Coastal with Blue

Living on an island has its perks and the beach only ever being a hop, skip and jump away is definitely one of them. We British love the seaside – so what better way to embrace our heritage than with a nautical theme at home? This theme has been popular for a long time, and we believe there’s a way to make it as brazen or subtle as you like.

A kitchen splashback that uses sea blue and cream is a great way to do it, giving your kitchen a relaxing vibe and lightening the space. Darker blues are perfect for airy spaces where a little bit of drama can take a kitchen design to the next level.

Inject Opulence with Opalescent tiles

There’s something about opalescent tiles that just screams luxury. Whether you use them across your whole kitchen backsplash or simply as accent tiles, opalescent tiles are bound to catch the eye and add instant glamour to any kitchen. We particularly love how they look when used with white or light-coloured cabinets as they really make each other pop.

Play it Subtle with Gold Grout

Your backsplash design isn’t all about the tiles; grouting plays an important role, too. Gold can sometimes look too garish when used across large surface areas, however, we’re definitely on board with using gold grout between black tiles for a more subtle finish. Paired with gold taps and cabinet handles, you can keep things classy with this warm metal.

Dish Out Drama with Black

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When it comes to kitchen design trends for 2022, one thing is for sure: black is in! A black backsplash will add instant drama to your room’s design. If you’re worried about darkening your space, we’re confident you can keep things light by using white cabinets to offset the darkness. As a bonus, black backsplashes also look much cleaner than white ones, which can look dirty as soon as inevitable spills and splashes happen.

Go Natural with Shades of Green

As already mentioned, organic shapes and shades are trending with homeowners, which is why green has made a comeback in the kitchen. While old-fashioned shades like lime green are out, rich, earthy tones are still in – and a green backsplash is the perfect way to incorporate them. A particularly popular pairing is green walls and copper appliances (like our copper taps!), which expertly blend old and new. For an artsy vibe, use square, matt-green tiles with cream grout on your backsplash.

Experiment with Shape

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Kitchens by nature need to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they need to be sterile, too. Geometry has been popular for bathrooms and kitchens for a while now, and we predict people getting even more creative with shape as we move into 2022 and beyond. A backsplash is an ideal place to be playful with design. Using large-format tiles, you can quickly create a centrepiece in your kitchen. If you want to simplify things, buy patterned tiles instead.

Some of the most common geometric shapes that can be used for kitchen backsplashes include triangles, rectangles and hexagons. These shapes look great when put together because they flow nicely and don’t take away from the room. Plus, this is a subtle way to add some interest to your backsplash without making it too cluttered or busy.

Window as a backsplash

Nothing screams A-list celebrity quite like a window instead of a solid backsplash. Obviously, the layout of your home dictates whether this is possible for you, but if your kitchen wall backs onto a garden, consider swapping out the backsplash altogether for a window into the outside world. If your kitchen is on the small side, this could be a game-changer as it will make the space feel both bigger and brighter.

Impress Using Pink

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Pink hasn’t always been the most popular choice for the kitchen, however, recent years have seen things change drastically. Pastels are still a common choice amongst millennials, brightening a room and bringing an energetic feeling with it. Pastel pink is a delightful addition to a backsplash and can make a real statement. If you want to keep things subtle, consider using white grout with your tiles as this will help the colour pop without being too in-your-face.

Pale Marble, Dark Walls

A kitchen backsplash made of pale marble against dark walls is becoming increasingly popular. The combination of white marble with dark veins and dark cabinetry, walls or floor will undoubtedly impress guests, pairing perfectly with gold appliances for an ultra-modern, opulent look. Marble is also a long-lasting material that is simple to maintain, making it an excellent choice for busy family kitchens.


Why bother with a kitchen backsplash?

They are easy to clean, which is important for a busy household.

Kitchen backsplashes are easy to clean because they are typically made from a non-porous material such as tile or granite. This means that liquids and spills do not seep into the grout and mortar, making them much more simple to wipe off after a busy cooking session. Kitchen backsplashes also help to protect your walls from food splatters and grease stains.

They can add personality and style to your kitchen.

Kitchen backsplashes offer a creative canvas on which you can inject your unique personality and style into your kitchen. They can also be a beautiful accent wall that can be personalised to your tastes.

They are a relatively affordable option compared to other kitchen renovations.

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable way to update your kitchen and improve the value of your home, changing the kitchen backsplash is a straightforward, affordable option. A small investment in tiles and a tiler can completely change the look of your kitchen, without needing to completely remodel.

Should the backsplash be lighter or darker than the worktop?

Many people are unsure whether their backsplash should be lighter or darker than their worktop. In general, it’s usually best to choose a colour that complements the worktop rather than competes with it. Consider the tones rather than the shades themselves – or throw it all out of the window and focus on creating an eye-catching contrast. Try not to use too many colours between the backsplash and worktop, as this can end up looking busy rather than clean. If you have geometric tiles on your backsplash, for example, use a neutral worktop to allow the shape and colour to shine.

What tiles are best for kitchen splashbacks?

Italian-glazed ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen splashbacks. They are durable, moisture-resistant and come in a variety of shapes and designs. Porcelain tiles are another low-maintenance option. There are dozens of different styles out there, so you can find the perfect one to fit your kitchen.

What colour backsplash goes with white cabinets?

If you are looking for a backsplash to match white cabinets, a light green or pale blue could be a great option. These colours will reflect the light and make your kitchen appear brighter. If you want something more colourful, try a brick-red or canary-yellow backsplash. These will add personality and brightness to your kitchen.

Is a white backsplash good for the kitchen?

White is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes as it can brighten up the space and create a feeling of cleanliness. It also goes well with a range of other colours, so you can easily change your kitchen’s look by changing the colour of your backsplash. However, some people find that white can be quite stark and may not be suitable for all kitchens.

What is a timeless kitchen backsplash?

There are a number of timeless kitchen backsplashes that can give your kitchen a traditional look. Natural stone is a popular choice for backsplashes, as it is both stylish and durable. Hexagon tiles and metro tiles are two other classic choices that will never go out of style. When choosing a backsplash for your kitchen, be sure to consider the overall look and feel you are going for.

What is the best backsplash for a small kitchen?

The best backsplash for a small kitchen is one that doesn’t compete with the rest of the space. A light-coloured, simple design will help to make your kitchen appear larger. If you have a dark-coloured countertop, consider using a light-coloured backsplash to brighten up the space.

How much does it cost to tile a kitchen splashback?

The cost of tiling a kitchen splashback can vary drastically depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of tiles you use. For a day’s work, you can expect to pay around £200 in labour, not necessarily including materials.

So, whether you’re looking for a contemporary backsplash to offset traditional home décor or you want to add some serious personality with a funky tile design, we hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration in today’s post. If you need any help finding the right hot water taps to complete your look, our team is here to assist.

We have a wide range of finishes – from nickel to gold -, so find your complementary hot water taps today and give your kitchen the makeover it deserves!

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