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WRAS Approved: What Does it Mean?

WRAS Approved: What Does it Mean?

Are you considering installing a new water system for your home or business but don’t understand what WRAS Approved means? The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is an organisation that ensures water regulations have been complied with and maintained. It’s a UK-based certification body for plumbing products and materials, helping businesses and consumers choose compliant products that keep water safe.

All of our boiling water taps are WRAS approved, but many of you might wonder what this actually means. In this blog post, we’ll cover the details of what acquiring this certification means and why you should only shop with businesses that have it.

What is WRAS Approval?

WRAS approval is a certificate that certain UK-based products must obtain before they are sold and installed for use. This certifies that these products meet public health standards and do not contaminate water sources. WRAS stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, one of the country’s most widely recognized certification systems. Many companies have adopted it to ensure the safety of the homes in which their products are placed.

For example, all approved taps, hot water tanks, and immersion heaters must be suitable for healthy drinking water supplies. At its core purpose, obtaining WRAS approval helps promote healthy living in households by ensuring a minimum standard is met.

The Role of WRAS in Water Regulations

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) is important in providing guidance and support for using water fittings and materials in plumbing systems throughout the United Kingdom. WRAS ensures that plumbing products and systems are safe, secure and appropriate for drinking water use. All products must adhere to UK regulations and standard tap water supply conditions.

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This helps to protect and provide clean and wholesome drinking water to residences, businesses, and other properties. With WRAS-approved products, consumers can feel confident that they are familiar with fixtures and adhere to health standards. Overall, by ensuring compliance with all water regulations, WRAS has helped guarantee quality tap water supplies throughout the United Kingdom.

Why is WRAS Approval Important?

WRAS approval is an essential certification for water systems. WRAS stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and is assessed by an independent body to ensure the highest quality, safety, and efficiency standards. It helps to protect both products and the people who use them by testing materials used in contact with drinking water for safety. Companies must receive WRAS approval before their products can be legally supplied or installed in a domestic plumbing system.

Failure to meet specific regulations could prove extremely dangerous and expensive. As such, any companies interested in selling products related to water systems must obtain this assessment to ensure they comply with British regulations. WRAS approval is invaluable as it helps guarantee that consumers will receive safe and reliable water products.

Is WRAS Approval a Legal Requirement?

WRAS Approval is a requirement for any company offering products or services within the water industry. WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Approval aims to provide standards that ensure safe drinking water usage in both commercial and residential settings. It is not a legal requirement. However, acquiring WRAS approval can quickly demonstrate compliance with the UK’s standards and give businesses an edge over their competitors.

WRAS Approved products assure customers that they are getting quality products that meet safety requirements to protect public health. By achieving this approval, companies can demonstrate their commitment to consumers and environmental sustainability, which can only be beneficial in the long run.

Requirements for WRAS Approval

For water products such as tanks, treatment systems and appliances to be legally fit for purpose and supplied into the UK market, they must meet the requirement of WRAS Approval. WRAS stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and refers to the process that evaluates all products to determine if they are designed and constructed so as not to cause pollution or misuse of water. This approval is also necessary if current building regulations install wastewater pipes or other plumbing accessories.

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To gain this approval, manufacturers must submit their products to rigorous testing by accredited testers. Not only does the product need to pass these tests, but the manufacturer is subject to ongoing supervision during production processes to maintain consistency over time.

Products that Require WRAS Approval

Although WRAS isn’t a legal requirement, many businesses choose to get WRAS approval for their products for peace of mind. Any components or materials that come into contact with the public mains water supply, will require a WRAS approval certificate OR need to comply separately with the UK’s stringent regulations. This includes all water fittings and fixtures, such as valves, taps, tanks, appliances, pipes and more.


WRAS Approval is an essential certification for any water-related products you plan to sell or install in the UK. It helps ensure that they meet all necessary safety standards and requirements, protecting public health by providing access to safe drinking water. All of our state-of-the-art taps are WRAS-approved. Read more about the benefits of boiling water taps, learn how a boiling water tap works or shop our full collection of boiling water taps.

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