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About us

The Hanstrom Story

Pushing Boundaries.

Hanström is a brand built on the belief that innovation, improvement and progress are essential aspects of life.

In recent years, the world has benefitted from ground-breaking evolution in sectors across the world including pioneering advancements in the technology and automotive industries.

While this incredible progress has been enacted, the faucet industry has quietly settled on levels of adequate functionality and passable design.

Hanström is here to change that.

Leaders & Innovators

Initiated by a team of forward-thinkers who never settle for second best, Hanström was created to redefine the future of kitchen taps.

After decades of combined experience in kitchen design and manufacture, the Hanström team recognised the industry’s need for exciting new products to take kitchens to higher levels.

They decided to take matters into their own hands and searched the world for the finest materials and the most exciting product designers.

With a team of likeminded inventors that conducted thorough tests on various prototypes, Hanström’s ideals were brought to life in a range of products that married German ideals of reliability with intuitive Scandinavian functionality.

An Unrivalled User Experience

Providing an excellent product is enough for some, but at Hanström we also aim to provide an unparalleled user experience. This begins with excellent customer service and clear information at the beginning of your Hanström journey and continues with fantastic ongoing support throughout. Our products, website, brochures, and care packages are all designed with you – the user – at the forefront of our thinking.